Advertising Opportunities

We offer advertising opportunities in our daily and biweekly newsletters which we send to about 200,000 financial services professionals. We strictly limit the number of advertisers per issue so that competition is reduced to a minimum in the same database. Advertising opportunities consist of banner ads, feature text ads and/or e-mail blasts, as pictured below.

Ad copy can be changed repeatedly, provided the required format is preserved. We accept .jpg/.png/.gif images or a mix of HTML and images.

 Banner Ads

 Banner Ad Specifications
Leaderboard (728 x 90 px)
  • Can contain images (gif/jpg/png)
  • Can contain a mix of images (gif/jpg/png) and HTML

Side Banner (120 x 240 px)
  • Can contain images (gif/jpg/png)
  • Can contain a mix of images (gif/jpg/png) and HTML

Featured Text Ad (500 x 500 px)
  • Can contain images (gif/jpg/png)
  • Can contain a mix of images (gif/jpg/png) and HTML

 Solo Ad

 Solo Ad Specifications

  • Width should be no more than 700 pixels wide with 600 being the optitum width
  • Can be up to 1000 pixels tall
  • The ad cannot be only one image or else it'll get flagged as SPAM which impacts your results
  • Several smaller images works better than several larger images. The ISPs need to see a mix of HTML and images in the ad copy

Advertising Packages

Solo Blast Ad Packages (Standalones)

Your full page ad is sent "standalone," with no other ads or content, to at least 100,000 advisors per solo blast. These ad "blasts" generally get more immediate results and that fact is reflected in the pricing. An industry unique bonus is the inclusion in our solo blast packages of some side banner "branding ads" in both Financial E-News publications.

Branding Ad Packages

"Branding ads" are those included with other ads in our two Financial E-News publications. These ads have a longer "shelf life," but generally produce less immediate results and the price reflects this. However, much like Coke and Pepsi ads, "branding ads" also help keep your company "first in mind" when a producer needs your product or services.

Lead Banner Branding Ad Packages

The lead banner appears at the top of our Financial E-News publications... the first ad seen by a reader. All Lead Banner Ad Packages also include the Platinum Branding Ad Package above.
FSO Pubs reserves the right to refuse an advertisement deemed inappropriate for our readers. For further details on our advertising packages, please download our Media Kit, or contact us.

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