A Word About Deliverability: The Key to Email Marketing Success

Success in email marketing is not as easy as it used to be. Consider: The explosion of pure spam on the Internet. The explosion of legitimate newsletters from all sources. Many insurers, vendors, broker-dealers, mutual funds and IMOs now possess their own, often very large, databases. The advent of "spam blockers" that can often "throw the baby out with the bath water."

Many email marketers have responded by attempting to increase the quantity of their "sends." This really just magnifies the problem by triggering more spam blockers from multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The result is complete "blacklisting" from many major ISPs, like AOL, Hotmail and Google. It sounds good to say you are mailing to 250,000 plus advisors, but the real issue isn't the gross number of advisors in your database...instead, it is how many of those advisors actually receive your message... deliverability.

Results Driven
If your email advertising isn't making it to the subscriber's inbox, it will not be seen. Our cutting edge address management system ensures the highest delivery rates possible, making sure your ads are seen by the largest number of potential customers. We are able to monitor your delivery from the time it starts through completion and provide detailed delivery information when completed.

Key Questions?
What key questions shoud you ask of your email service provider?

  1. What is your average delivery rate?
  2. What is your average open rate?
  3. What is your average click through rate?

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