Fact Finders

Fact Finders help guide annual planning conversations for both new and tenured agents. The Fact Finders ensure that annual planning reviews help you learn all the facts to better service your clients. Fact Finders are especially helpful for new team members in your office, so they can discover the details of their clients and their current financial situation and goals.

Establish Client Relationships

Fact Finders asssist you and your team in learning about your prospects' and clients' financial lives. Whether in a first meeting or during an annual review, our Fact Finders will help you uncover and record all the details of your client's financial inventory, including debt, assets, insurance, retirement and dependent information, but that's not all. The more you know, the better you can help your clients establish their financial security, guide their estate planning, and provide a legacy for their loved ones.

Comprehensive and Specific

With a variety of Fact Finders to choose from, you can be as comprehensive or as specific as you would like in your planning meeting. Use Fact Finders to steer your conversation across from your desk or send it in preparation for your client meeting, setting the expectations from the beginning. These tools are great resources for financial advisors to conduct discovery meetings, continued conversations, and annual planning.

Build Trust

A complete picture provides you with insight into your clients' current planning for the protection of assets, preparation for the unexpected and who's who within their professional team of advisors, as well as their family of loved ones. Fact Finders do just that, making it easier to develop a plan that accomplishes a client's financial ambitions, dreams, and even charitable giving plans. In addition, Fact Finders assist you in building trust with not only your clients, but also with their loved ones. When you have the trust of a family, you are positioned to become their advisor for generations to come.

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