Priority Approaches

Planning meetings with your clients or prospects are a whole lot easier when you have our Annual Reviews and Priority Approaches at your fingertips. These fillable documents help you convert prospects into clients and prioritize the needs of each client while creating more opportunities for you to grow your practice. The VSA offers three different Annual Review and Priority Planning topics that cover personal, retirement, and business planning meetings.


Discovery conversations are made easy with our Priority Approaches. Accurately uncover the financial needs in each of your meetings and create a detailed financial plan to put your clients on the correct financial path. Uncover a client's retirement goals, charitable giving dreams, or discover cross-selling opportunities to grow your business.


Financial priorities differ with every client, make sure you are on the same page with your client's financial goals and priorities. Our Priority Approaches assist you in working with each individual case to determine their personal financial priorities and goals. Whether it's retirement, business planning, estate planning or a child's education, our Priority Approaches will help determine those milestones for your client.

Annual Planning

Ensure your clients stay on track with both their short-term and long-term financial health and use our Priority Approaches to help. Our Priority Approaches will help you review retirement accounts and asset allocation while allowing you to consider changes in income, investment outcomes, family changes, and more. Don't let changes that happen over the course of a year catch your clients by surprise.

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